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Atma Attar Oil - Enlightenment

  • $ 2200

Atma Attar oil is a sensual fragrance with sweet floral and fresh notes. It is romantic and alluring , yet gentle. It has the magic of a full moon…

Atma is the Self, the essential plane that expresses itself as diversity: the One becoming many, the Unity manifesting as multiplicity.

The most common use for attar oil is as a perfume oil for the body but it can also be burned in an oil diffuser to create a pleasant aroma.

Attar oil fragrance formulations are proprietary information protected by trade secret and cannot be entirely disclosed. Here is a partial list of the natural ingredients contained in this oil:

  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Gurjum Balsam
  • Lime Oil
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Styrax


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