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Selenite Charging Block w/Chakra Stones

Selenite Charging Block w/Chakra Stones

  • $ 3000

5 x 5 inch selenite charging plate with chakra crystals

Blood Red Calcite-Root


Citrine-Solar Plexus

Green Aventurine-Heart

Blue Chalcedony-Throat

Iolite-Third Eye


Selenite-can be used to charge and cleanse your crystals.  It's pure energy doesn't need to be cleansed itself.

Clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings. It can also assist one in issues of judgement. It can be used to provide both flexibility to ones nature and strength to ones decisions. It has been used to align the spinal column. It can be used to provide amelioration of disorders due to metal "fillings"of the teeth. It can also be used to facilitate re-generation of the cellular structure and the protective membrane linings which surround the cells providing a tool to both prevent and overcome damage caused by tumors, age spots, wrinkles, and light sensitivity. Used to correct disorders and deformities of the skeletal system. Stabilizes epileptic disorders.


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