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Dr. O Solutions Ozone oil

Dr. O Solutions Ozone oil

  • $ 3000

Product Description

Dr. O solutions Bio-Ozole  has a profound REJUVENATING  EFFECT ON YOU SKIN AND A WHOLE BODY!  It bring energy into you body on intro-cellular level.

Dr O Solutions Medical Grade Bio-Ozole  is made from Organic Virgin Olive Oil  and Medical Grade Ozone discharged into the oil.
WE DO NOT USE AIR  FOR  OZONATED OIL we use only Medical Grade Oxygen.
Dr. O Solution Ozonated Oil can stay fresh for 5+ years without storing in cold place but by keeping oil in refrigerator will preserve its freshness for a lifetime.
Bio-Ozole has  strong Anti-Inflammatory properties and hence has a  Pain Reliving effect  with Muscular and Joints Pain ! It  will substantially or totally lifts the pain in many other conditions, includes traumas.
Bio-Ozole can be  used for following skin conditions:

Acne, Athlete’s Foot, Beauty Aid, Bed Sores, Bee Stings, Burns, Cuts, Fistulae, Fungal Infections, Gingivitis, Hemorrhoids, Herpes Simplex, Insect Bites, Leg Ulcers, Lesions, Psoriasis, Rashes, Rosacea, Scars, Shingles, Sores, Sunburns, Vulvovaginitis and other Skin-Related Problems.