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Kinoko Mushrooms Mind & Body

  • $ 2499

Mind & Body is a very carefully formulated blend of mushrooms which was designed with two goals in mind, enhancing athletic performance and improving overall focus. The 100% organic ingredients extracted from mushroom bodies (never mycelium or grain cultures) are tailored to support a person's daily needs and ensure that a balance is achieved. The Lion's Mane is being extensively studied as neurotrophic. Many scientists believe that some of its compounds, specifically Hericenones and Erinacines may have a positive effect on nerve growth and/or nerve protection. For the body, Maitake has demonstrated an antidiabetic effect from its α-glucan, and Reishi is a source of triterpenes and phytochemicals which are active compounds that provide numerous positive contributions to the body and its functions. Altogether Mind & Body is a product that will support you in reaching a balance that will resonate through every minute of every day.

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