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Genuine Liquid Black Soap (8 oz. Bottle)

Genuine Liquid Black Soap (8 oz. Bottle)

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Original Formula
This is the liquid form of our Genuine Black Soap. It is completely natural, without animal fat or proteins, no chemicals, tar or artificial coloring. It is made from the original formula of Genuine Black Soap - a unique combination of a rich foray of healing and antiseptic herbs and plant oils with their own glycerine (95%) and natural vitamins. it is very effective as facial for its ability to penetrate deep into the pores and sudsing out oil, dirt and grime of modern day living. Or as all-over body cleanser to help soften and tone your complexion. The soap is particularly effective at preventing the development of acne and other skin blemishes, such as shave bumps, blackheads and pigmentation spots.

Directions: For facial pour a half cap full of the soap in the palm of your hand and work up lather, massage gently over face except under eyes. Let it dry for a minute or two, rinse off with warm water. For all over body cleansing, pour a capful of the soap in a bath brush or loofah to cleanse your body, thereby increase circulation and promote absorption of the therapeutic substances.

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