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Palo Santo and Wild Herb Incense Cones - Relaxation & Meditation - 6 Cones

Palo Santo and Wild Herb Incense Cones - Relaxation & Meditation - 6 Cones

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100% Natural ingredients.
Sustainably harvested.
Part of shamanic tradition.
Easy to use.

Palo Santo means “holy wood.” This name was given to this mystical tree when Spanish monks explored the Amazon, tested its qualities and realized their hidden properties.

These 100% natural Shamanic incense cones feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood that grows in the Amazon rainforest. It has been burned by Shamans for centuries to clear negativity, attract positive vibrations, and allow the naturally fragrant smoke of this sacred wood to enter the energetic fields of those who need healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It also enhances meditation and concentration. The aroma is similar to tree resin, but unique for a reason that many will not expect. Shamanic wisdom explains that an attraction to the aroma of Palo Santo is a sign of emotional and spiritual purity. There are some, however, who feel a peculiar discomfort when in the presence of its aroma. This, however, is part of Palo Santo’s purifying effect and gradually these people will enjoy its natural fragrance as the wood’s cleansing and purification takes effect.

These cones are extremely unique in that they are not held together by any chemical or isolated oils, but are a rare blend of 100% natural ingredients. Featuring what translates as “holy wood,” these cones are handmade in the rural Colombian Andes, providing employment to marginalized artisans.
Shamans have been burning Palo Santo for thousands of years to heal, purify, dispel negative energy and to prepare for meditation. The wood’s naturally fragrant smoke also helps to re-establish peace and balance. The ancient practice of shamanism teaches that plants have spirits and that the spirit can be a strong medicine. The shaman turns to the spirit of the plant and lets this spirit do the healing. The spirit of the Palo Santo tree carries a wisdom that enables the smoke of this wood to heal people but it is a delicate process of respect. This is one of the reasons that the tree cannot be cut down and is only harvested years after it has fallen from natural causes, causing its essential oils and properties to become enhanced. To put it simply, its aroma resembles that of resin when burned and is irresistible.

Aroma: Woody, floral and herbal.

Intention: Relaxation, meditation and purification.

Ingredients: Palo Santo (bursera graveolens), bamboo, myrrh, rosemary, coconut, wild lavender, fruit juice, cornstarch.

How to use:

Light the tip, gently blow out the flame so that only an ember remains and a steady stream of smoke is released. Place the cone’s base on a fireproof dish. Use with caution and never leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children and away from flammable articles.