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Pro-Gain  Saw Palmetto Cream

Pro-Gain Saw Palmetto Cream

  • $ 3200

Syringa PRO GAIN is designed to reduce enlargement of the prostate without the dangerous side effects that medications can have. It is a topically applied premium skin cream containing Saw Palmetto extract and other plant nutrients.

  • Natural remedy for prostate problems, designed for quick absorption
  • Soothe the discomfort associated with prostate enlargement, less middle of the night bathroom visits
  • Strengthens urinary stream so bladder can empty
  • Use to help prevent BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), before there’s a problem
  • An herbal blend of Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Bayberry & Uva Ursi
  • Sexual Health

Amount per jar: 2oz

A natural remedy for prostate problems, PRO GAIN has shown it’s prostate support effectiveness for over 100 years. Several studies suggest saw palmetto also may be as effective as alpha blockers.  One study found that men with BPH who took saw palmetto for three months had more than twice the urine flow of men who took finestrade for a year.  In Italy saw palmetto accounts for 38% of all medications prescribed for BPH.  Both French and German health authorities have already approved saw palmetto to treat enlargement of the prostate.

Helps Libido