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Respiratory System Pack

Respiratory System Pack

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A simple but effective way to care for your respiratory system is by taking supplements for respiratory health. Nature’s Sunshine offers a range of respiratory supplements to provide lung care and overall respiratory support.

Certain foods and herbs offer natural respiratory support, and many of them are included in our selection of supplements for respiratory health. To create the best supplements for lung health and respiratory support on the market, our herbalists and formulators have blended time-honored herbs — among them, thyme — in several formulas designed to deliver sinus and lung support.

Our best supplements for lung health provide lung care and promote overall lungs health in a few different ways.

ALJ, Histablock, Sinus Support EF and Seasonal Defense all work to provide your respiratory system with support and relief during seasonal changes, when seasonal airborne substances are more common.

Fenugreek & Thyme contain mucilaginous compounds that can help soothe mucous membranes. Fenugreek also can promote thinner mucus to provide relief to upper respiratory discomfort.

Respiratory supplements may also offer respiratory support in the following ways:

  • Support lung function
  • Support healthy airway passages
  • Support respiratory cleansing
  • Stabilize cells that release compounds when exposed to irritants

Don’t wait for unpleasant symptoms to set in before taking steps to support your respiratory health. Begin nourishing your respiratory system today with supplements for respiratory health from Nature’s Sunshine.

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