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Selenite Wands

Selenite Wands

  • $ 1100

Healing Wands are used to gather, focus and direct energy while in a healing session or just to align your chakras or clear blocked energy. Since ancient times, wands have been used by healers all over the world. Of course there are many different ways to use healing wands.Wands act as an extension of ourselves and our abilities. Healing wands are used for healing, direction of power, consecrations, blessings and even massage.  Choosing the right wand for the right healing is essential because different stones have different healing energies and, therefore, have different effects on the body, aura, and chakras.  the power of one's intention is what drives the energy of a wand, so it is a good idea to program your wand for its intended purpose, especially if it is something specific.

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