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The pure ringing sound of the Tingsha creates an opening in reality.  They are used at the beginning and end of a meditation period to open the mind for meditation and the to focus our mind back to reality.  They are also used in Feng Shui to ring in the four corners of a room in order to bring the energy in.


Seven Chakra: Our energizing Tibetan Tingshas, embossed with the seven symbols of the Chakras, are sure to infuse your space and body with balance and enlightenment. The tingshas are made of bell metal alloy and held together with a leather cord.

Dragon: The powerful image of the mighty golden dragon has been etched into our Tibetan Tingshas. A leather cord joins the sides. Tingshas are used during prayer and for rituals. They can also be used as a smoke free alternative for space clearing.

Auspicious Symbols: This tingsha features a raised 8 auspicious symbols motif. Each half is joined by a leather cord. They are made of bell metal alloy which produces a superior resonating sound quality.

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