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Vitamin O

Vitamin O

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Vitamin O

     Vitamin O is a special supplemental oxygen taken in liquid form, produced through electrical-activation with saline solution from the ocean. We've been selling Vitamin O since 1996 and it has become our top selling product because it has helped so many people.

A Product Ahead Of Its Time!

     Vitamin O has been on the market for over twenty years. In the early days, the product was sold through direct mail and word-of-mouth. As the product became more popular, the FTC and the FDA began to investigate the way in which the product was marketed.
     Using their interpretation of the current law, the FTC and FDA are able to prohibit dietary supplement companies from informing consumers about products that could be helpful for treating particular diseases.
     Dietary companies can only make claims if they have validated scientific proof that their products will treat a particular disease or medical condition.  To meet the FTC/FDA's requirements for a valid study involves spending millions of dollars, which is usually prohibitive for most small companies.  All this is done in the name of consumer protection, but in reality who benefits more, consumers or the drug companies?
     Two expensive scientific studies were conducted in late 2000 and mid-2001 to enable the company to have the scientific evidence required to comply with the FTC/FDA rules and to validate the positive testimonials the company had received from purchasers of the product.  These independent studies were conducted following acceptable scientific procedures.  The testing of the specimens during the study was done by FDA approved facilities.  And yet, the FDA will not allow the results of these studies to be published as they feel that the studies were not conducted in a way that meets their standard as competent and reliable scientific evidence.
     Vitamin O has been our most popular product over the last twenty years because of the benefits people are seeing in their health.  Thousands of satisfied customers use it every day to improve and maintain their health.
    There is equipment available to assist in the measurement of oxygen content in the blood.  One instrument that is used today by EMT's, hospitals, and doctors is the finger pulse oximeter.  It gives one a quick indication of the percent of oxygen in the blood.  When the blood oxygen levels are too low, then further testing can be done to see where the problem lies.
     Typically, when an oximeter is used before and after taking Vitamin O, one can easily see a difference in the oxygen readings.  This simple step can give one a tool to monitor one's health.  Who knows better than you what your body is telling you and how it responds to foods and supplements you consume?
     Although Vitamin O is still a mystery, the simple fact is that people are seeing wonderful improvements to their health when they take it on a regular basis.  The thousands of testimonials we've received demonstrates the true effectiveness of the product.  And, Vitamin O is sold with a money back guarantee to further prove our complete confidence in it.
      We trademarked the name Vitamin O, not because we are claiming that it is an actual vitamin, but because it is a powerful way to deliver supplemental oxygen to the body and oxygen is a vital element for all our lives.
     Vitamin O works and is, quite simply, ahead of its time in many respects.

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