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Karen Hatman Sellman Wrapped Crystal Chain Necklaces

  • $ 4500

Handmade Crystal Pendants by Karen Sellman.

This artists work is breathtaking. Each necklace is unique. It is always a delight when Karen delivers new necklaces to replace the ones that have found a home. Many of our customers have purchased a necklace to wear and even hang from curtains, bed posts. It is delightful to hear the experiences people have had. If you see something you like, we recommend following your instinct. The description comes with the necklace from the artist. 

Chrysocolla- Stone of empowerment & feminine energies, gentle stone with ancient and enduring energy. 

Coral- Symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness & immortality. Reduce stress/fears, combats foolishness, nervousness, depression, panic & nightmares.

Dragon's Blood Jasper- Intense healing, used to cleanse & realign lower chakras with the hear. Relieves stress.

Lavender Chalcedony- (Russia) Nurturing, Promotes brotherhood, good will. Absorbs negative energy. Bring Harmony.

Raw Carnelian- Restores vitality, motivation, creativity. Gives courage, overcomes abuse of any kind. Aids in trusting self and perceptions.

Red Quartz Point- Lasting symbol of love and affection. Lasting friendship and fidelity. Relieves negative emotions, strengthens friendship.

Shark tooth- Fossil, Protection and luck.

Starburst Jasper- Represents the energy & creativity in us all. Breaks up blockages & toxins. Helpful for astral travel. Guide for dream work. 

Tumbled Garnet- Stone of Commitment. Represents love and devotion, sensuality, sincerity, trust. Controls anger, especially toward self. 

Turquoise- Refreshing, Calming, Serene, Balancing, Grounding. A Talisman across Time